Nightlife in Athens

Nightlife in Athens; Some people say that Athens is more vibrant at night. Ancient and modern Athens offers more opportunity for nightlife than any other city.

You have a lot of options to choose from:

Ancient Greek drama in a theater dated to the period the play was written, world famous orchestras playing music ranging from Beethoven and jazz in one of the most modern concert halls in Europe, unique musical stages and clubs offering variety and creativity.

Nightlife in Athens

The capital of Athens offers nightlife fans special nights out.

Whatever you choose to do, you will discover that Athens nightlife offers variety and unique choices, making it possible to enjoy throughout the night.

The only problem is that the following day you have to see the sights....

You can start your evening by choosing any of the selected restaurants of Athens or one of the modern Greek tavernas that are located in every neighborhood of Athens.

Nightlife in Athens1

The atmosphere in Greek restaurants is relaxed and friendly and the food is excellent.

You may choose to go to a taverna with live music, or one of hundreds of popular, modern bars, clubs, disco-bars and bars with live music, featuring all varieties of music.

You can find bars in all central areas, and all the suburbs, ( among others, Kifisia, Faliro, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza).


Bouzouki is a form of entertainment, a musical instrument, a music, a dance, and a spirit that rather Greek-peasant.

Bouzouki in Greece, unlike those abroad, rarely features belly dancers, which are strictly Anatolian. Certain Greek nightclubs feature belly dancers because the customers expect them.

Bouzouki songs have no religious connotations, even though they sound similar to American spirituals. They are laments of a hard life, unrequited love, and the like.

Sophisticates never ‘go to the bouzoukia’ as the Greek expression puts it, and you will se hardly any tourists at one. Labourers and the so-called lower-class politicians and civil servants make up the basic audience.

But there are exceptions. If you happen to like blasting, loud, decibels louder than disco; if you like to have a table of laborers boisterously drown out the star singers; if you like to have a dish of substandard food put in front of you, bouzouki may be for you. Many regular disdain any food, although it is automatically included in the bill.

The show never starts before midnight, and the presentation is a row of singers and musicians, all seated, each performing in turn while remaining seated. At any given moment it can be a guessing game as to who is singing. Small baskets with flowers are badgered by persistent waiters to be thrown at the performers who please the audience; those who really please are literally ‘showered’ with flowers.

Legal Gambling - Casinos

If you feel like some gambling, Athens has a casino situated high atop Mount Parnes to the north, more than a half-hour drive from the centre of the city. Getting there includes a cable-car ride with a bird’s eye view of Athens below you.

The second largest casino in Europe after Madrid’s, it offers American and French roulette, blackjack, punto banco, and chemin de fer. You can also dine here, and there’s a 135 room hotel attached, should you choose to sleep over.

To export any winnings, you must have declared foreign currency on your arrival at Athens Airport.

There are taxis that can drive you to the casino from the city centre. If you have a car, do not drive up to the casino; take the cable-car, which takes only a few minutes. Otherwise you will face a journey of well over an hour along a tortuous and dangerous road.