Greek Recipes

Casserole Recipes Find recipes of casserole cooking from our greek recipes collection traditional such as fresh beans casserole dish, giouvarlakia, dolmadakia (vine leaves with yoghurt sauce)etc. Soup Recipes Try these wonderful recipes of greek traditional soups from chickpeas (revithia), lentils, to fish soup, egg-lemon chicken soup, green soup with broccoli etc.

Greek Salads and Dips Recipes Greek horiatiki salad, tzatziki recipe, melitzanosalata (eggplant salad), taramosalata and much more.

Greek Seafood Recipes Fish and seafood dishes. Recipes of fish with lemon sauce, baked fish, fish baked in oven with potatoes, stuffed squid, packets with salmon and leek and much more.

Greek Pie Recipes From prasopita ( leek pie) to spanakopita ( spinach pie ), kolokithopita ( zucchini pie). Find all the best greek pie recipes in our collection.

Greek Oven Recipes Try these amazing oven recipes: stuffed tomatoes and peppers, papoutsakia, greek moussaka, pasticio and much more delicious traditional greek recipes.

Greek Desert Recipes Find recipes for melomakarona, kourabiedes, diples, baklava and much more in our Greek Desert Recipes collection.

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