Cheap Airfare Flights to Greece

Finding Cheap Airfare - The great majority of people that travel to Greece every year choose to go there by flight.

International airports are located both on mainland and on some of the Greek islands and are hosting regular and chartered flights and 25 state domestic airports. There are five major international airports: Athens, Corfu, Heraklion, Kos and Thessaloniki.

A few years ago Greece flights were confined to Athens, after which travellers headed for the port at Piraeus and a long ferry trip or took an early morning domestic flight to the islands.

Only a few Greek island have airports big enough to take charter flights and it is generally these islands that have attracted the package holiday firms.

On larger islands like Corfu, Lesbos, Crete and Kos, it is a general rule of thumb that the further you are from the airport the more traditional it gets. On smaller islands, such as Skiathos, an international airport can swamp any chance of an authentic Greek experience.

Most of the smaller islands have an airport runway, but only long enough to take domestic flights, usually from Athens but sometimes from larger islands such as Crete and Rhodes. Most domestic Greek island flights are aimed at commuters, not tourists, and so many take off early morning and return early evening.

Expect long delays at Greek airports, especially at the height of the summer season. Incoming charter flights from all over Europe are often scheduled for the same day; check-in desks open at the same time and baggage handlers will often wait until there is more than one plane to load/unload.

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