The Palace of Knossos in Heraklion

by Dorothy

The Palace of Knossos

The Palace of Knossos

We visited the Palace of Knossos in mid September 2007. We got caught out by the devious parking arrangements - so here is a little warning!

As you approach the Palace from Heraklion, you will see official looking parking signs. There are about 4 private parking sites and we instinctively parked in the first, which was on our left as we drove towards the Palace. Luckily we have no trouble walking because it was about a 10 minute walk threading our way between parked vehicles with no real footpath and dodging oncoming, fast-moving traffic. If walking is a problem, do drive right up to the entrance and see if there are any spaces nearer, they appear to be limited, hence the private sites. We were charged 4 Euros, but we did get the use of a lavatory and a free glass of cold water!

The Palace experience is just what you would expect from the most popular attraction on Crete. Hoards of visitors, scruffy surroundings, rather pricy snacks. Personally, I would not take young children, you need a good imagination and lots of patience to get anything out of the visit. There are numerous guides touting for business, we were quoted 10 euros. Those who took a guide seemed to have to stand still for considerable lengths of time. This August the temperature reached over 40 degrees, so bring a hat and avoid visiting at midday!

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