St. John's Island
(750 acres)

St. Johns Island - Amazing opportunities are available with this large Greek island, a sprawling 750 acres located just 2 hours from exciting Athens. A 15 minute boat ride from the quaint fishing village of Korfos, the island offers incredible 360-degree views of the sparkling bay and charming mainland.

If one cares to travel by boat, Athens is a mere 45 minutes along the coast, making this location perfect for a resort catering to Europe's elite. A residential development is entirely possible as well, as the large acreage could encompass a small city! Flatland is approximately 300 acres, and untouched and raw, it is currently home to just a herd of goats.

The nearest town of Korfos is a quiet resort village whose many small sailboats dot the shimmering Saronikos and Argolic gulfs. The town of Megara is just a half hour away, making the location absolutely prime. Imagine the possibilities on this stunning Peloponnesian island... 

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