«SIROCCO» Restaurant in Milos Island

Our fish tavern serves fresh fish which is caught daily from the crystalline seas around Milos. The caiques set out every morning towards the open sea spreading their nets to catch the fish which will form a part of your taste experience.

Our tavern cooks some of the food in a unique way. In certain areas of the beach, the subsoil reaches very high temperatures.

A few hundred centimetres under the surface, we place our cooking vessels to produce the most delicious food.

We would suggest that during your stay in Milos you try some of these specialities such as: potatoes cooked in butter, potato with hot cheese, onion, lamb and chick peas.

Management: Stella Tseroni
Paliochori 84800, Milos island
Cyclades - Greece
Tel.: (+30) 22870 31201
Website: http://www.milos-island.gr/restaurant/sirocco/index.html

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