Mykonos, the island of my destiny

by Tove Cecilie Fasting
(Eleftheres, Greece)

Paradise Beach Bar, Mykonos, 1991

Paradise Beach Bar, Mykonos, 1991

Mykonos will always have a very special place in my heart, as coming here for the first time in 1984 changed my life forever. I am from Norway, but had been living in Paris for a year, where I got a lot of Greek friends, and when I was looking to get a job for the summer they recommended me to go to Mykonos. And as a young adventurous woman, that´s what I did!

Even before I got off the boat I had fallen in love with the island - a rock in a silver shimmering sea. At that time, ferries came to the old harbor close to town - and as today, you'd find hotel and room owners shouting out their rooms for rent. I went with a very old woman, all dressed in black, including a black head scarf, who led me through the narrow, winding streets with whitewashed houses, geranium pots and brightly painted blue shutters and doors, up long stairs to her private house, where I got the guest room and a lovely terrace - and had to share bathroom with the family. She didn't know a word of English except "rooms" - and I didn't know any Greek.

To me, Mykonos was magical. It was so pretty, it almost made my heart ache. Here we were, at a tiny little rock, but it still had this lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere and I soon met loads of fun and fascinating people from all over the world, many with whom I am still in contact with today.

The very first night there I got a job - at the Lotus restaurant in Matoyianni street - it's still there with Giorgos (sometimes) behind the bar! One of the regular guests was a handsome man with sparkling blue eyes called Christos - and it didn't take long before I invited him out dancing at the famous Remezzo night club. Soon we were a pair - and though we were both working, we were out partying most nights and exploring the tiny island and the long, sandy beaches on his little "papaki", (moped), when we weren't working during the daytime. Christos came from northern Greece, but had already lived in Mykonos for ten years, working for the electric company.

When summer was over, so was our relationship...I went back to Norway, to work and to continue my studies, and we soon lost contact.

Two years later, I was back in Greece, to stay for six months. This time in Athens, a city of four million. And who do I bump into? Christos! He invited me out for dinner and even proposed. I said no. The next day he left for the USA and a month later I returned to Norway.

Now it took five years before I put my feet back in Greece again. During my first visit to Mykonos I had bonded with a very good girlfriend, whom I stayed in contact with ever since. I had been working very hard all winter and spring 1991 in Norway and my boss ordered my to take a three week vacation before the summer. My girlfriend invited me to Mykonos and I was thinking "why not" - I was longing for some sun and beach - and what a better place to find it! Christos wasn't in my mind - besides I knew he now lived in northern Greece.

The first night there, I met an old friend of Christos who suggested we'd give him a call, I didn't even expect him to remember me. But he did.
"Where are you?" he asked immediately.
"In Mykonos," I answered.
"I am coming next week. Wait for me, wait!"
And so I did.

Christos and I married in 1993. We have 2 lovely sons and live in a beautiful village in northern Greece, where we run a bed and breakfast.

We have been back to Mykonos a few times and though the island has changed a lot, it will never lose its magic to us!:)

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