Kythnos Island

Kythnos Island has more than 70 beaches, many of which are still inaccessible by road. Of particular note is the crescent-shaped isthmus of fine sand at Kolona, where sunbathers may relax with the sea lapping at both sides of the beach.

Due to its proximity to Athens, Kythnos has become a fashionable setting for vacation homes, in addition to being an accessible destination for foreign visitors. Besides its numerous beaches and picturesque villages, it also is the site of one of the largest caves in Greece, Katafiki Cave in Dryopidae. This cave, first visited in the 1830s and described by the geologist Fiedler, has unique "schatten" or rock curtains, as well as speleothems. It was the site of an iron mine until 1939 and has now been developed as a tourist attraction.

Kythnos is an island full of bays and unique beaches with crystal clear waters and plenty of shade under the “almirikia”(trees that grow along beaches on the sand). In this website you can find out about the accessible beaches of the island. But, there are more for you to discover and enjoy.

kythnos island

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