Kardiotissa Island - (Size 280 acres)

Kardiotissa island is uninhabited and administratively a part of the island community of Sikinos. It lies midway between that island and the island of Folegandros.

This large property in the heart of the Aegean Sea could easily be transformed into Greece’s newest resort hotspot in the Folegandros and Sikinos island chain.

The island is between Folegandros (7min with speed boat) and Sikinos(10min with speed boat) in the heart of Cyclades. There is an every day all-year round link with ferries to Piraeus from both islands. With 280 acres of land ( 800 stremma) Absolute clear and solid titles and Greec State documentation.

Facilities for sailing, diving and adventure sports would take excellent advantage of the deep blue Aegean waters, and the rich sealife of the area could even sustain an off-shore aquarium or centre for oceanographic research.

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