Can't Wait to Return Someday...

by Jen
(NY )

When I visited the Dodecanese Islands of Rhodes and Patmos, it was during a two-week excursion over the summer 13 years ago!!!

Rhodes definitely stands out in my mind as an incredible, unique area. Drifting into the dock, I was amazed with what I saw: an ancient city surrounded by medieval walls and battlements that reminded me of castle fortresses I'd only read about in romance/adventure novels.

Lindos was an amazing city - it reminded me of the acropolis at Athens, complete with structures and steps to climb that have survived so many years that it fills a person with pure wonder. I would recommend taking a donkey up to the top of the acropolis there (it was so much fun!) If you go to Rhodes, make sure you do not miss Lindos and also pack a lot of water and sunscreen for the trip (I went over the summer, and it gets HOT.)

I will remember Rhodes for the rest of my life.

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