Beautiful Santorini

by Cathrine

My boyfriend and I travelled to Santorini on June 2004.

Santorini is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit. To begin with we headed for the main town, Fira. It is perched on the side of the “Caldera” or crater. The views here are breathtaking, especially at sunset, and there are lovely narrow backstreets full of restaurants and shops. The atmosphere in Santorini was quite mature, few children and in my opinion this added to its charm. However, be warned that there are many steps and you need to be reasonably mobile to fully enjoy it. Having said that there are donkeys or a cable car which take you up and down the Caldera face at a cost of 3 to 4 Euros.

The weather when we visited was not as hot as we expected, at around 24 – 26 degrees in the day and a bit cooler at night, with quite a breeze.

We had a lovely holiday and enjoyed the island for all what it had to offer, although we anticipate that it would be far too crowded in the high season.

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